Photographie Arata Isozaki architecte portrait

Photographie Arata Isozaki architecte portrait

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Photographie Portrait de l'architecte japonais Arata Isozaki, 1979

Photo de presse

Dimensions: 25,5 x 20,5 cm; hors tout 23,8 x 18,5 cm

Tirage argentique vintage

Bon état mais le coin haut gauche légèrement corné

Coupure au dos : Arata Isozaki is one of Japan's most creative architects, as well as a teacher and author. A graduate of Tokyo University, Scool of Architecture, he was a member of Kenzo Tange's team for 10 years before opening his own atelier. He has been a visiting professor and lecturer at UCLA, the University of Hawaii, Harvard, Yale AA School of Architecture, London and others. Many of his buildings have won design prizes and he was written several books and many articles on architecture.

Mr Isozaki has had one-man shows in London, Lodz and Chicago. He participated in 14th Trienale, Dortminder Architekturaustellung; MANtransFORM, NewYork; the Sao Paulo Bienal; and New Wave of Japanese Architecture (New York). From 1960-62 he took part in the following projects: Joint-core System, Clusters in the air and Ruin-Future City.

His works include Oita Prefectural Librairy (64-66), Oita Branch of Fukuoka Mutual Bank (66-67), mechanics & electronics of Frestival Plaza Expo 70 (67-70), Head Office of Fukuoka Mutual Bank (68-70) Gumma Prefectural Musuem of Fine Art (71-74) Kita-Kyushu City Museum of Art (72-74), Kita-Kyushu Central Librairy (72-75, West Japan General Exhibition Center (75-78) and Kamioka Town Hall (75-78)


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